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Advanced Nursing practice in HIV care: Guidelines for nurses, doctors, service providers and commissioners

Advanced Nursing practice in HIV care: Guidelines for nurses, doctors, service providers and commissioners Thursday 18 August 2016

Foreword from BHIVA and NHIVNA

People living with HIV deserve excellent nursing care. HIV nursing has seen many changes over the past twenty years and the introduction of advanced nursing practice has greatly and positively impacted people’s quality of life and their outcomes. The financial pressures in the NHS, changes to nursing in general and changes to the recent commissioning landscape have all had significant consequences across all diseases and all pathways.

Therefore, at this difficult time we congratulate the National HIV Nurses Association for bringing together in one place a set of guidelines demonstrating the evidence base and requirements for advanced nursing practice in order to safeguard HIV nursing care and to ensure that people living with HIV are placed at the heart of all that we do.

The guidelines detail four key elements; the core components for advanced nursing practice, competencies and educational requirements, how to commission and implement advanced nursing practice roles and the different models of HIV nursing care. The guidelines are written for everyone involved in delivering and commissioning care for people living with HIV.

We would like to thank the working group for bringing this work to fruition. We hope nurses working in HIV care use this document as a tool to support themselves on an exciting journey in HIV nursing. We hope commissioners and service providers use this to ensure that comprehensive long-term succession planning is carried out and then implemented. It is critical that we have nurses, supported at all levels, working to improve outcomes for people living with HIV as part of the wider multidisciplinary team.

These guidelines are unique and should be regarded as not only a first in HIV nursing, but a first in the nursing profession. Congratulations.

Dr David Asboe
Chair, British HIV Association

Michelle Croston
Chair, National HIV Nurses Association

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